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Anti-counterfeit UV Printing

UV printing can be used to protect brands and increase product traceability

UV printing produces 'invisible' codes that can only be seen under ultraviolet light. Our new UV thermal inkjet printing technology is designed for anti-counterfeit, high security product protection, enabling customers in all sectors to add secure marks and codes to products.

The UV ink can be printed in conjunction with standard batch codes, date codes, QR codes, serial number, brand labels or barcodes. Alternatively, it can be applied directly on to specific parts of the packaging or labelling in a range of formats.

The benefits of UV coding include:

  • Enhanced security for the product and/or packaging
  • Increased product traceability
  • Code doesn't detract from packaging design
  • Extremely difficult to replicate - excellent for anti-counterfeiting measures


Flexible, clean and maintenance-free

Thermal inkjet is a reliable, easy-to-use, low-cost printing technology, ideal for high quality coding and marking onto a wide range of packaging substrates.


Advantages of thermal inkjet (TIJ) include:

  • Clean, cartridge-based system
  • Service & maintenance-free technology
  • Excellent print quality up to 600dpi


To learn more about ant-counterfeit UV printing technology, or to request a free demonstration, please contact us.

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