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Carton Coding

We have a range of systems and printers ideal for printing batch numbers, date codes, barcodes and 2D codes directly onto cartons.

Optimum carton coding may be achieved offline using a carton coder or online, using high quality, low maintenance thermal inkjet technology.


Depending on the application and throughput requirements, two challenges can mean that cartons - particularly pharmaceutical cartons - are best coded offline. One relates to the very nature of the carton’s construction: crash-lock is designed to be hand erected and therefore suited to an offline application. The other relates to the difficulties of controlling a formed carton for online datamatrix coding; smaller volumes of a larger range may mean an offline solution is better suited.


For online printing, Thermal inkjet (TIJ) has long been the dominant coding method within the pharmaceutical packaging industry, largely due to its unparalleled ability to print ultra-high resolution variable date codes, logos and unique barcodes via a reliable, clean and easy-to-use system.

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