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Cost of Ownership

Cost of owning coding and marking machines

Comparing the costs of different coding and marking technologies might seem a simple task, but there are often less obvious costs unrelated to the initial purchase price that can strongly influence the best choice.


Looking beyond the capital costs


One way of assessing costs is to look at capital costs, but this is a crude approach. Coders use consumables and some coding machines need maintenance. These costs are incurred long after the payment for the capital equipment has been made.


Lifetime costs or lifecycle costs?


A far better way so assess costs is to compare technologies. The costs of consumables might include:

  • hot foil tape and type
  • thermal transfer ribbons and printheads
  • thermal inkjet ink;
  • continuous inkjet, inks, solvents and servicing


Costs can be expressed as an annual figure, as an amount over a certain period (e.g., estimated product lifetime) or, more usefully for comparative purposes, as the cost per 1000 prints.


Foil and ribbon economy


Rotech can show you how to reduce costs by not only reducing what is paid per reel. With careful calculation, the number or prints per square metre purchased can be increased, so reducing the cost per 1000 prints.

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