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Ease of Use

Ease of use

Ease of use is essential when selecting a printer to code or mark variable information onto your packaging or product. A simple, user-friendly TIJ (thermal inkjet) printer may be an ideal solution.


The Markoprint range of TIJ printers are so easy to use because there are so many ways to use them.

Markoprint’s iDesign software package is free to install as may times as needed and allows for formats to be designed on any Windows PC / notebook / tablet.

Once designed a format can be transferred to a printer in a number of ways:

  • Via USB stick
  • Via USB cable
  • Via ethernet connection
  • Via wireless connection

Whatever best suits the application, suits the printer.

However, more often than not information needs to be entered at the point of production – data such as a batch code or a use by date.

For this the iJet has the ideal solution – an inbuilt data entry device using an “iWheel” and an OLED display. Just dial in the data and start printing. As the video shows, it couldn't be simpler.

When things start to get a bit more serious and datamatrix barcodes are involved, the X2JET provides a touchscreen controller with QWERTY for data input and the use of “Action Fields” means that data is automatically loaded into the datamatrix barcode as well as being printed next to it. Formats can even be designed from scratch using this controller.

And, of course, any system that uses a sealed cartridge with no liquids to pour or spill and a printhead that requires zero maintenance is bound to be easy to use!

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