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Bringing Forth The RF Lite Shuttle

29th April 2020

An innovation to our RF Lite coding system has opened up more applications to this very cost-effective unit.

The RF Lite, our entry-level feeding system offers a cost-effective solution for the automation of date coding.

It’s a system, that although launched four years ago is still proving popular with those looking to automate their date coding process for the first time – particularly by those operating in the food industry.

However, the RF Lite does have a limitation when it comes to running small products, such as cartons that are widely used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

This is where the development of the imaginatively named, RF Lite Shuttle comes in. Instead of rollers, the RF Lite Shuttle uses a reciprocating plate to individually feed each carton with no limit on size in the direction of feed.

This difference in feeding method means that we can now reliably feed and print the smallest of cartons that we come across.

For more info on the RF Lite Shuttle, or to request a demo, please contact us