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Outer Cases & Boxes

Outer case coding and labelling

Excellent quality, direct box printing

Our large character printers can clearly and reliably print large characters, alpha-numeric data, barcodes and logos as required on to cardboard or corrugate boxes. These printers can be easily mounted to case sealers/tapers, automatic cartoners and case erectors.

By coding directly on to the case, the cost of the label, the cost of printing the label and the cost of applying the label are all saved.

Offline case feeder

If an offline solution is required, our offline feeding systems can handle a variety of different sized boxes in their flat form. Compatible with a wide range of coding, marking and labelling technologies, our RF Case Feeder comes into its own when the printing (or labelling) of 2 adjacent sides of outer boxes is required.

Continuous operation gives very high throughput rates at deceptively low machine speeds.

For more information or guidance on outer-case coding or large character printing, contact us

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