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Plant Tag Printing

Barcode Marked Flower Tag

Achieve excellent quality codes and marks onto plant and flower tags

Plant and flower tags convey important information, like the species of plant and how to care for it. The tags need to be able to handle outdoor conditions, and as such, are most commonly made out of plastic, but are also sometimes made of Tyvek┬« or wood.


The best and most cost-effective way to print barcodes, data codes and batch numbers on plant and flower tags, is to choose:




Thermal inkjet (TIJ)


TIJ is an easy-to-use, cost-effective technology, and can print onto a wide variety of non-porous materials. This is due to the various grades of ink available, each suited to a particular application. This allows us to achieve perfect adhesion between the ink and the substrate, which is a must for flower tags which need to be durable and weatherproof. Not only can TIJ print onto non-porous surfaces, it does so requiring no maintenance.


Thermal transfer


If the required print format is larger than 100mm, then a thermal transfer printer could be considered. However, for most applications, a thermal inkjet printing solution would be ideal.


Feeding systems


RF Lite


Our RF Lite feeding system is the best choice for feeding and coding plant and flower tags. It pairs perfectly with our TIJ printer range, ensuring the tags are coded quickly and efficiently. TIJ is also capable of printing consistently and clearly at high speeds, which the RF Lite can accommodate, with a top speed of 60m/min. Lastly, the RF Lite is ideal for coding smaller products, with a minimum required product dimension of 10x70mm, making it ideal for feeding small plant and flower tags.


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