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Flow Wrap & Film Printing

Print excellent quality codes and marks onto flow wrap and film

Flow-wrapping, also referred to as horizontal wrapping is a popular and cost-effective method of packaging products in protective plastic films or foils consisting of clear or printed polypropylene films. Superior to overwrapping in many ways, flow wrap is a great choice for packaging many items - from food products to electric components and more. 

Adding variable data to flow wrap film

Our maintenance-free thermal inkjet printers can be easily integrated with flow wrap machinery, enabling fixed or variable data to be added to the foil or film without slowing down or causing disruption to the line.

These printers are typically used to reliably print date and batch codes, barcodes and even small graphics onto multiple substrates used in flow wrapping, such as aluminium, BOPP, multi-layer laminate and paper. The result is a clear, high-quality print, time and time again.

For further information on thermal inkjet technology and how it can be used with flow wrap machinery, please contact us.

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