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RF Compliance


With the ability to generate, print and verify serialised 2D codes on to a range of packaging formats, the RF Compliance offers an instant, reliable and easy-to-use solution for pharmaceutical and medical manufacturers who need to comply with the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD).

The system comes complete with a full validation package, a reject system (for automatic removal of reject cartons) and a shingling (accumulation) conveyor to maintain high throughput.

Integral inspection of printed information and pharmacode verifies that data matrix codes and human readable information, such as expiry dates and lot codes are correct. 

To ensure superior print quality that meets the ISO/IEC 15415 quality specification the RF Compliance is supplied with a thermal inkjet (TIJ) printer as standard. 

Take a look at our RF Compliance FAQs here.

Ideal for installation

Key Features and Benefits


The Compliance system offers an offline or "near-line" solution for printing (or labelling, if required) pharmaceutical cartons, this offers many benefits:


  • Pre-printing of cartons allows for multiple lines, or even several hand-packing stations to be supplied.
  • The cartons go through the system in their flat form, eliminating any risk of the pack bulging, skewing or travelling away from the printhead. This means a perfect print is produced, every time.
  • No need to "break" a line to add a coding and inspection station.



Various inspection functions can be carried out to ensure both that the correct pack is being used and that the correct information has been applied.



The Compliance systems can produce unique serialisation codes internally or receive them&

Technical Specifications

  • System dimensions (L x W x H) Machine 2045 x 625 x 1465mm
  • Material dimensions min. 60 x 70mm, max. 350 x 350mm
  • Material thickness min. 60 g/sqm (paper weight), max. 4mm


This data refers to the basic unit without the integration of a printing/labelling system.

RF Compliance in Action