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Large Area Printers


For reliable, large area (sometimes known as large character) printing on to both primary and secondary packaging, the Rotech range of Seiko printers offer the ideal solution.

The Rotech range of large area printers employ the latest Seiko printhead technology to offer high resolution, large area printing with a unique selection of two ink delivery systems to meet any installation need.

These innovative systems allow for information previously carried on a label to be printed directly onto any porous surface, be that carboard, paper or even wood and ceramic.

Two ink delivery systems are available, both of which deliver high resolution, high contrast prints that meet the required ISO Standard. They are:

FREEFLOW™ system which uses a gravity feed  - used in the X72

POZIFLOW™ system which uses a pumped reservoir with ink recirculation - used in the PP108

Maximum print heights of either 72mm or 108mm allow for a large amount of information to be printed with no practical limit on message length. The X72, in particular, stands out for its ability to interface with any common label design package and both printers can link to databases.


Ideal for installation

Key Features and Benefits

  • High speed, high resolution printing, on areas up to 500mm wide
  • Removes the need for print-and-apply labelling systems
  • Two types of ink delivery - gravity and pumped
  • Latest generation of maintenance-free printheads
  • Capable of printing verifiable barcodes directly onto boxes
  • Many interface options available

Technical Specifications

  • Up to 108 mm print height 
  • Print speed up to 150mm/min
  • Print resolution up to 360 dpi
  • Font sizes from 1mm upwards
  • Barcode, graphic and logo capability

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"The cost-savings have been significant for us. A price per print study was recently carried out in Holland where they use the same printers and it worked out at 2.6p per thousand prints."