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Rotech Seiko PP108

A revolutionary, standalone print system intended for large area printing on corrugate and other porous substrates.

The printer utilises a new Seiko printhead and unique POZIFLOW circulating ink system. This principle prevents the accumulation of air in the nozzles and ensures a permanent, clean print image without line-outs due to dropping nozzles.

Pump control and automatic adjustment of internal circulation pressure allows installation of the ink tank above, below or same level as the printhead The air in the ink supply and printhead is automatically removed from the print system.

Ideal for installation

Key Features and Benefits

  • No air pockets in the nozzle rows
  • Internal ink tank with large ink supply
  • Easy start-up & airing of the ink system
  • Prints greyscale
  • Pigmented MOF oil ink (mineral oil-free): ideal for printing on absorbent surfaces in the food industry

Technical Specifications

  • High quality print of up to 360 dpi
  • High print speed of up to 150m/min (at 360 dpi)
  • Up to 108mm print height without offset