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Large Area Printers

For reliable, large area (sometimes known as large character) printing on to both primary and secondary packaging, the Rotech range of Seiko printers offer the ideal solution.

Using unique FREEFLOW™ technology, the printers are extremely robust and reliable - there's no moving parts, no mess and no maintenance.

The high-resolution printers are ideal for printing directly on to boxes and cartons, removing the need for a print-and-apply labelling system, saving on the cost of labels and the associated labour costs as well as making the end product easier to recycle.


Ideal for installation

Key Features and Benefits

  • High resolution printing, on areas up to 500mm wide
  • Maintenance-free FREEFLOW™ technology removes the need for moving parts like pumps and valves
  • Non-pressurised ink tank eliminates nozzle leaks and mess as the internal pressure is always be equal to the external environment.

Technical Specifications

  • Up to 108 mm print height