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RF Lite

Q. Who is the RF Lite intended for?

A. The RF Lite was primarily designed for food producers who use food sleeves and need to add a date code, but it can be used for any flat card, sleeve or carton within the size range.


Q. What makes it different to similar systems on the market?

A. We believe there is nothing to match the RFLite in terms of ease of use, speed and most importantly, cost.


Q. How fast does it run?

A. The linear speed of 60m/min gives a typical output of 200-300 pieces per minute. However, it soon empties the hopper so products are run in batches, where a typical rate of 10,000 is more than achievable.


Q. What is the RF Lite made from?

A. The system has been made out of stainless steel and anodised aluminium (no painting), free from fluids and compressed air (nothing will discharge into the atmosphere).


Q. What printing technology does the RF Lite use?

A. Thermal Inkjet (TIJ). It’s based on a HP cartridge but it uses ink that has been specifically designed to adhere to sleeves and cartons, even if varnished.


Q. What are the advantages of using TIJ technology?

A. TIJ makes no mess, no odour and is maintenance free. It can be started up and shut down at the flick of a switch. It also produces a high resolution print. Every time that the cartridge is changed, so is the whole ink delivery system. This guarantees trouble-free running for many years.


Q. What combination of information can be printed?

A. The printer is capable of printing fixed information (such as the heading “USE BY”), a variable which the operator enters, such as the date code itself and also an automatically generated code such as a Julian date. It can also print simple logos and barcodes.


Q. How are different sizes of sleeves accommodated?

A. The RF Lite can accommodate sleeves up to 300mm x 200mm in size. A size change requires no tools and can be accomplished within seconds.


Q. What is the maximum stack of cartons that can be held in the hopper?

A. This depends of the product but the hopper height is the limit.




Q. Is the outfeed catcher included in the price or is it an option?

A. It is included as part of the system.


Q. Is it possible to manually adjust the speed between low and high?

A. No, this is factory set. Adjustments to the speed range can only be made here at Rotech.


Q. Is the system “CE” marked and does it show “made in UK”?

A. Yes to both.


Q. What is the delivery time?

A week (ex-stock) from receipt of order.


Q. How long is the warranty period for this system?

A.12 months, with the exception of ‘wear’ parts (rollers and belts.


Q. What happens if the RF Lite develops a fault during the 1-year warranty period?

A. In the event of a fault, we will send out an exchange unit for next day delivery. The faulty unit can be returned in the same packaging.


Q. Is there an option to extend this warranty after the 12 months are up?

A. In the UK, once the warranty has expired, we plan to offer an exchange system (extended warranty) based on an annual fee.


Q. What happens id the RF Lite develops a fault out of warranty and there is no service contract?

A. We can be contacted for a service visit or alternatively, the RF Lite can be sent to us for repair.


Q. Do I need a compressed air supply?

A. No, the RF Lite only requires either a 240v or 110v electrical supply. Simply plug the appropriate power cord from a wall socket into the IEC connection on the RF Lite and switch on.


Q. Do I need special cleaning materials?

A. No, the components of the RF Lite are manufactured from stainless steel, anodised aluminium and engineering plastics. As such they just need a wipe over with a duster.


However, care should be taken when setting up the printer position. If the inkjet printer is not set correctly, ink may be printed onto the conveyor belt or stainless steel base plate. This can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe.


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