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The X72 Jet Unit proved itself very quickly- zero downtime, was easy to use and accommodated all our print data requirements. Our savings based on direct box printing versus label print and apply are more than £3.5K per year, per unit. Support from Rotech has been excellent, from the initial contact to our latest outer case printer additions, they are always ready to help.


We’ve not had the RF Lite on-site for long, but it has certainly made its presence felt. This compact little coder has made a huge difference to our packaging operation by dramatically reducing the time taken to code cartons. It has shown us that small changes can yield big improvements without costing the earth.


We are so pleased with our new sleeve feeder as it has saved us so much time, allowing us to carry out other tasks. We no longer have to hand-stamp each pack, which was previously slow and often painful when repeatedly using the hand gun. The service we recieved has been excellent too. The engineer was very helpful and showed us how to set up the printer and we've even added our logo.


What we liked about Rotech is that they didn’t just give us list of machines and a list of prices. We felt they had more expertise than the other coding companies we saw and that made us confident that they would adjust the coder to suit our sleeves rather than simply selling us a standard machine. They were also very much of the attitude that they would sort out any problems or challenges we might have.


We take tremendous pride in the appearance of our packaging, and the crisp, clear codes produced by the RF Lite support this. This compact little system has not only given us the flexibility to cope with increased production volumes, it has given us confidence in coding quality.


The cost-savings have been significant for us. A price per print study was recently carried out in Holland where they use the same printers and it worked out at 2.6p per thousand prints.


We are enjoying significant benefits with the new printer. We have no restriction on the speed at which we can run the Thermoformer and are able to produce a far higher quality of print than previously. Furthermore, by installing the Bell-Mark printer driver, we are able to carry-on using our existing formats and design software with no need for re-training or conversion. We were particularly pleased that Rotech were able to install the unit within 2 weeks of our placing the order.


Our ability to fill and package products to virtually any specification long with short lead times is second to none, so we wanted a unit that was both more reliable and flexible. Rotech have met these requirements and over the 30 months since the first unit was fitted we have been pleasantly surprised by the lack of spares required compared to previous experiences


At peak times we are over printing between 40,000 and 50,000 tags per week. With the RF Lite we free up 2 or 3 members of staff and save labour, time and money.


This wasn’t a large investment, so we have been pleasantly surprised by the difference the iJet has made to our operation. Our exacting quality standards – as evidenced by ISO 9001 accreditation – are one of the reasons customers choose to work with us, and traceability is a key part of this. With the iJet, we can be 100% confident that the traceability data customers have requested will be printed clearly, accurately and consistently.


We now have four Rotech batch coding devices. We received our first one approximately 2 months ago and were very impressed with the performance. Having just gone through a complete rebrand of our products and packaging, we found further need for the coding machines, some of which we needed to work in conjunction with our automated packing machines. The Rotech salesman Steve was full of good advice and we consequently ended up purchasing 3 more batch coders.


Since installing the new printer, we’ve increased output from 15 bottles per minute to 20, and no longer need any additional labour to label bottles. The printer is so simple and effective – it sits neatly on the conveyor and requires little intervention, other than changing the settings on the software. This single printer has solved all of our previous issues and delivered some significant cost savings.


After getting reliable service and good prices on our engraved coding type and foil, we started to use Rotech for related items. First it was heaters, then we bought a complete printer, now anytime we have a issue with supply on anything we give Rotech a call.


Code quality is extremely consistent and set-up is very easy now; our operators simply enter the batch details and select the expiry dates via the touchscreen, so there are no issues with keys being the wrong way round as with the hot foil coders. The machines are also very efficient as you can start them up straight away every morning


The simplicity of the units has been the key point, and the ease of integration made it possible to move and run in everyday production.  When we recently moved to our new premises, it was made simpler due to the simple framework that allowed us to quickly continue production.


It’s a great little machine, rather than applying labels by hand with a labelling gun, we can now load up the RF Lite with flat sleeves, walk away and get on with something else. It’s brilliant.


We have built a great relationship with Steve Ryan. The support and customer service are excellent. We experienced some issues with printing onto a new style shiny label - samples were sent to Steve and Rotech ran them through their test bend and recommended a different ink cartridge. This was turned around in 2 days, minimising production down time.


This service has taken another worry away from my staff and me. Since Rotech has introduced this system we have had increased confidence in the quantity and quality of our type. Their professionalism and expertise coupled with their friendly approach make them an ideal business partner.


Rotech were the only company available and willing to help Sepura on a bank holiday. Their helpful approach made them easy to work with, ensuring that our production requirement for thermal ribbon was met on time.


Rotech's knowledge of thermal ribbon was invaluable to us and they went the extra mile to ensure that both samples and production reels were on site the morning after requesting them. They are always the people we call first with any coding requirements.


You can have the best machine in the world but if staff don’t buy into it, you won’t get good results. All our operators found the RF-Lite to be easy to use; they had no trouble switching between different sleeves and calling up the correct expiry dates for each customer.


Rotech’s support was superb. They tested loads of different ribbons until they found the right one. They also altered the way the machine was picking up the bags to enable it to run the new pouches.


We have found our Rotech batch coding machine to be thoroughly reliable and extremely cost effective. We have only had one occasion during the past five years to need to some technical support. I would have no hesitation in recommending Rotech as a competent and professional company.


We looked at various options but chose Rotech’s Integra printer because of its simplicity and reliability.  Moving to this new thermal printing technology has reduced our labour costs and eliminated mis-labelling, which has improved overall efficiency.


After ordering engraved type cartoner type one day it arrived the next Wow - totally impressed! Thanks so much for your rapid response to this.


I’m very impressed that the only upkeep I have to do on these printers is clean the heads twice a day. The unit is very efficient in regards to ink consumption - there is still 40% left and we haven’t replaced the cartridges since they were installed in March.  If I’d known then what I know now about TIJ, I would have had these printers on our other thermoformer.


As we’re still growing a lot we have to think about these things. Bringing in the RF Lite system makes our coding operation leaner and there’s also a welcome cost saving.


This machine has been fantastic. It has slipped into our operation and become an invaluable part of our process. It is hard to imagine how we ever managed without it. Coding used to be slow, painful and labour intensive. Now a single operator can run off 5000 sleeves in just two or three hours.


The RF Lite offers a compact and cost-effective solution for date coding our packaging sleeves. We looked into a variety of potential options before deciding on the RF-Lite, due to the small foot-print, ease of use and value compared to other equipment we looked at. Little Moons has saved a lot of time and money by investing in an RF-Lite over manually applying date code labels.


Thanks that's a great response, you offer Fillcare an excellent service that we appreciate.


It's been really busy here. The new coder is brilliant and all working fine. It's making a massive difference!


Quantrelle, contract packers for the wholesale and retail sector bought their second semi automatic carton coder earlier this year. When asked if the printers continue to perform satisfactorily the simple reply was, "all is good thank you, perhaps you make them too well!"


We were literally writing the sell by date on to the sachet by hand. Every month we make batches of around 4,000 bars, and it was taking up hours of our time. Now, in 20 minutes or so, the Rotech machine prints what it would have taken us three days to write by hand.


The Rotech system offered us a cost effective and flexible solution for the printing of datamatrix barcodes on a wide range of cartons. We found Rotech to be an excellent working partner in meeting our requirements and tight product launch deadlines.


The handling system is certainly earning its keep. You guys really delivered a first class product. They all find it easy to use and I’ve not heard of any downtime.


Before we were into manual screen printing, due to which we were not getting the required output in timely manner, now we have switched to an automatic system we are able to meet our despatch schedule. It was a very good experience, we would like to go with Rotech for other machinery, they offered quality, timely delivery and service, service, service!


We’d never considered thermal inkjet before but you could say that we are converts. The coder supplied by Rotech has been a revelation - it’s an easy-to use, economical system with an impressive cost-versatility ratio.


We've been delighted with the print quality and performance of the Rotech system. It has allowed us to print bags on demand as we receive customer orders and also to limit our stock holding to just a few sizes of unprinted blanks.


Rotech are a very good professional company and if on the odd occasion we need their help with any issues regarding the carton machine it is dealt with promptly.


The print quality is awesome. It is clean and precise - you can read it even at a font size of 0.4. The bar codes are also very clear, which is important to the fishing shops we supply, as they don’t want to have to deal with illegible bar codes


Without this coder we wouldn’t have been able to grow our business in the way we have. The flexibility to print variable information on demand has given us the edge over other companies who struggle to keep abreast of changing legislative requirements and has enabled us to court bigger chains for whom legal compliance is a high priority.


It was pretty straightforward. We told Rotech what we wanted and sent them samples of our sleeves; they then came up with a solution - the RF Lite - and offered us a free on-site demonstration.


TIJ is so easy to deal with. With our CIJ system we have to fill it up with fluids and clean the nozzles, whereas with the TIJ printer, all we have to do is wipe it clean - we don’t even have to do any maintenance on it.


When our customers place an order, they expect a speedy turnaround. Now, when we receive an order for 7000 packs, we can code and pack them in two days. The Rotech system has increased productivity and enabled us to keep on top of our orders. We chose the Rotech system because it isn’t restricted to one size of carton and allows us to print the code anywhere on the carton. We tend to code the underside but could just as easily code the end flap or the side if we wanted to.


The company was very clear about its abilities. The quality looked very good. Its machines are British made and the after sales support and advice is only a phone call away.


The timeliness and level of support has always been good. We’re very happy with the performance of the RF2 and looking forward to using Rotech’s in-line solution in the New Year.


It gives us great flexibility. We sometimes get top-up orders that are much smaller than the usual production run and we need to have the flexibility to handle those too. That’s no problem for the Rotech system.


It was the most economical solution and did exactly what we wanted it to do - which was print product and batch codes clearly and reliably. Thanks to the Rotech X1Jet, print quality has improved greatly, the codes are always legible and we have confidence that each individual sleeve is being reliably coded.

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