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Tyvek Pouch Printing

Achieve excellent quality print onto Tyvek® pouches

Tyvek® is a popular choice for packaging medical devices as it is lightweight and breathable, yet durable and water-resistant.


Achieving high-quality prints that comply with UDI track initatives is possible with a range of overprinting technologies and can improve efficiency and reduce cost by removing the need for a pre-printed label.




Thermal inkjet


Although made of finely woven polethylene, Tyvek® behaves much like paper, making it ideal for printing onto using thermal inkjet technology.


The texture of the surface allows both water and oil-based inks to be absorbed with very good adhesion properties.


Thermal transfer


Generally, thermal transfer requires a smooth, flat surface to allow the pigment to bond when in it's liquid phase. Therefore, correct ribbon selection is key when printing onto Tyvek® (or any paper-type) material as there needs to be good flow into the surface.


Feeding systems


Our feeders offer a complete standalone coding system when fitted with a printer and/or labeller. 


Tyvek® pouches and sheets are ideally suited for running on any of our feeding systems. Our RF Lite is perfect for smaller products and our RF Auto and RF1 systems are ideal for larger products, or where a larger print area may be required. 


Want to know more about printing Tyvek® pouches? Download our fact sheet

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